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Basic touristic value of region is natural environment, in respect to attractiveness considered as one of the leading in the country.


 regaty narie-Tomasz Fara




Basic elements such as sculpture of field, forest and water grounds, atmosphere and memorable landscape created by all of these, are a subject of strict protection.

Taking into consideration unique recreation values of municipality,

the area has a whole range of holiday territories,

which prefer longer staying at chosen place.

Such conditions occur especially in wide surroundings of Narie lake

(resorts: Kretowiny, Bogaczewo, Gulbity, Wilnowo, Tarda),

by the lake at Rus resort and by Bartezek lake.

Municipality Morag, a part of Olsztyn province is placed in specially protected area,

named "Green Lungs of Poland". All lakes and rivers in the area are zones

of natural environment protection.

Additionally Narie lake jointly with surrounding grounds is included in zone of calm.

Narie lake covering 1240 hectares of grounds and of 44 meters of depth, having first class of water clarity and very diversified shore line (over 60 kilometers), is one of the most beautiful Polish lakes. It has numerous gulfs, peninsulas, 19 isles, and as for fish it is just an ideal place for anglers. There are two generally accessible resorts situated upon the Narie lake - in Kretowiny and Bogaczewo (resorts of a diverse standard, touristic hostels, first category camping and tent fields) which  foster the development of family tourism, youth camps, colonies, weekend and holiday visits, trips, bivouacs, and so called "green schools".

In Kretowiny as well as in Bogaczewo function points of renting aquatic equipment (oar boats, yachts, aqua cycles, and windsurfing boards), and also protected watering - place and car parks.

There is also available well developed technical infrastructure necessary for daily service of incoming tourists (lavatories, shower baths, shops, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, discotheques, pool clubs, day rooms, pubs and so on and so forth).

In the area of Morag municipality there are numerous natural monuments, just to mention granite stone (Lubin), hedge of oaks and park - left over of a manor house (Markowo), another left over park in Wenecja, an oak and a  linden (route Slonecznik - Wenecja), and an old oak in Struzyna.

There is monumental forest park, and so called "Morag Flood Water" has been admitted ecological utility because of numerous genres of birds occurring in its surroundings (nearly 150 genres of birds, in which there are a few unique in European range: red kite, black kite, eagle of the genus aquila, dumbledores eater, hen-harrier, white eagle, sparrow - hawk and English hobby).

It is necessary to add, that at the Morag lake (at the border with Lukta municipality) on Linden Isle there is cormorant's and aigrette's reserve, and at the border with Milakowo municipality there is another sanctuary "Beaver's refuge at Pasleka River”, where besides of beavers live otters, American minks, kingfishers, trouts and graylings.



foto-ewa Tomasz Grochowski



Architectonic monuments belong unquestionably to touristic attractions of the area -

- in Morag - Dohn's palace, town hall built in XIVth century, fragments of town defensive walls, parish church built in XIVth century, urban system of an Old Town and a pressure tower.

Currently in Dohn's palace there is a department of Warmia and Mazury Museum with large exhibition of Dutch paintings of XVIIth and XVIIIth century being the most expensive collection

of this kind in north - eastern Poland, and museum of Johann Gottfried Herder

(great philosopher born in Morag).

Additional advantages

Touristic routes: traffic, aquatic (i.e. Ostroda - Elblag Channel), infantry, bicycle routes,

and others are additional values bringing up recreation rank of municipality.



Tourist Information Office in Morag

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